Cognac Review: Kelt Tour du Monde Commodore Cognac

Kelt Commodore
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This Cognac has a most interesting history.   Kelt sent this Cognac on a sea voyage before bottling.  No, I am not kidding.  Get this……

The company believes that their Tour du Monde Cognac has a more rounded tone due to their putting the Cognac in different barrels and then sending it on a sea voyage for 3 months before bringing it back to France for bottling.  This led me to try it to see what if any effect the jostling over the sea did to the final aging process.    Guess what, it is smoother!  However, as a result the flavors are not quite as intense as other high end Cognacs.  But the Cognac is certainly more “consumable” and damn tasty.   Don’t resist.  Try it.  Better yet, try it with another XO and compare.

One good Cognac always deserves another anyway.


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