Kelt XO Cognac

KELT XO is the House of Kelt’s flagship cognac. It is a blend of over twenty eaux-de-vie from the Grand Champagne appellation in the Cognac region of France. Kelt XO is barrel aged in Limousin Oak barrels that are 12-18 years old. Kelt XO is further aged for three months on an ocean voyage that brings out the oak qualities of the Limousin barrels. Kelt XO was the first cognac that Kelt sent on an Ocean Maturation cruise. This cognac has an oaky nose with flavors of raisins, candied fruit and apricot on the palate.

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Bottle Size: 750 ML
Cognac Age: VS
Growth Area: Grande Champagne
Alcohol by Volume:40.0%
Country of Origin:France
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