Hennessy Cognac Privilege VSOP

Hennessy VSOP Privilège is the first cognac to be designated “very special old pale”. It was produced in 1818 at the request of The Prince of Wales and future King George IV of Great Britain. Hennessy VSOP Privilège is blended from over 60 eaux-de-vie and aged for at least four years in French Oak. Hennessy VSOP is a best seller and vies for category leadership with Rémy Martin’s VSOP Hennessy VSOP contains the classic cognac flavors of vanilla and oak with a fruit and spicy finish, making it an ideal choice for many cognac cocktails and a favorite for those that enjoy their cognac neat or on ice.

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Bottle Size: 750 ML
Cognac Age: VSOP
Growth Area: Borderies, Fins Bois, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne 
Alcohol by Volume:40.0%
Country of Origin:France
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Tasting Notes & Details

Color: Medium dark copper.

Nose (Nez): Apricots, apple, clove and cinnamon.

Mouth (En Bouche): Classic vanilla and oak tones, light fruit, soft cinnamon, clove, honey and candied fruits.

Finish: Medium length, soft caramel and light spice.

Overall: Hennessy VSOP is perhaps one of the best known cognacs. Because it is the cognac many are familiar, it is often the benchmark for all other VSOP cognacs. The complexity, distinguished flavors and aromas of Hennessy VSOP make it excellent for casual sipping and also makes for a versatile cocktail mixer.Hennessy promotes the use of its VSOP cognac to be used as a cocktail mixer. Indeed, Hennessy’s web site contains a few recommended cognac cocktail recipes with Hennessy VSOP as the key ingredient. Hennessy recommends its VSOP as an ingredient in the  Vieux Carre, Szaerac and Sidecar cocktails.

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