Visting Cognac? Courvoisier Releases 2013 Tour Information for Classic & Premium Tours

Courvoisier TourThe Courvoisier tour is not to be missed if you are visiting the Cognac region of France.   The setting is beautiful, their facility is first rate, the information provided is unique, and the staff is among the friendliest.

As of the date of this post Courvoisier offers two tours;  the Classic Tour and a Premium Tour.
Courvoisier provided the following information:

Classic Tours (1 hour):
This is the perfect introduction to the world of Courvoisier: a tour of our museum brought to life by our 3D film and sensorial cinema experience “Le Nez de Courvoisier”, followed by a tasting from our award-winning cognac portfolio
The price (per person) will depend on the tasting that you choose at the end :
9 € with tasting of  our VSOP Exclusif
17 €  with tasting of the XO Imperial
35 € per person with a 3 cognacs tasting (Napoleon, XO Imperial, Initial Extra)

Premium tours (reservation needed).
A Family tradition (2.5 hours). 50€/per person
In opening the doors to the Courvoisier Château, we invite you to delve into our proud family history. Following a VSOP Exclusif drinks reception, a tour through our museum will transport you back in time. You will then sample our Napoleon marque in the Château’s salon before enjoying the “Le Nez de Courvoisier” sensory experience, enhanced by a selection of desserts, to guide you through the aromas of XO Imperial”
Historic Blends (4h). 100€/pers.
In our historic Renard cellar, you will learn the art of the cellar master as they nurture our rich and aromatic cognac. After a food-pairing brunch in our Château complemented with VSOP Exclusif and XO Imperial, you will then enjoy a sensory experience before discovering our Paradis cellar for a tasting of our Initiale Extra marque.
Grape to Glass (7h). 250€/pers.
Over the course of a day you will follow the progress of our grapes from vine to glass: vineyards, distillery, cooperage… A delicious food-pairing lunch with our VSOP Exclusif and Napoleon marques will then be served in our Château, and following your sensory experience you will complete your journey by visiting the Renard and Paradis cellars, where you will sample our Initiale Extra.

New in 2013!
Join us on the first of our new range of seasonal tours for 2013, designed to explore the diverse tastes that complement our precious liquid and reflect the time and tradition invested in crafting each drop of Courvoisier cognac.
Cognac and Truffles (8h). 280€/pers.  This tour is available every Tuesday between January 15th and February 15th, and in December 2013.
Over the course of the day, you will discover the delights of truffles with a visit to the seasonal market (purchase according to availability), meet a trufficulteur at the heart of his domain, enjoy a gourmet lunch served at the Château centered around the “menu truffles”, experience “Le Nez de Courvoisier” sensory XO program, explore our renowned Museum and Chai Renard, and discover our Paradis cellar for a tasting of our Initiale Extra marquee, a sublime cognac with a wonderful aroma of truffles at its core.

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