Visiting Baron Otard at the Chateau de Cognac

Baron Otard offers a highly rated tour of its facilities at the historic Chateau de Cognac near the Charente River in Cognac, France.

About Baron Otard

Baron Otard was founded in 1795 by the Scottish nobleman Baron Otard de la Grange, and is one of the oldest Cognac houses. Otard is owned by Bermuda company Bacardi.

Baron Otard’s eaux-de-vie are aged in their unique humid cellars french oak barrels crafted wood from the Limousin and Troncais forests . Otard’s cellars are in the lower vaults of the Chateau de Cognac at the same level of the Charente River. Otard claims that the relative humidity of their cellar reaches 90% and that the thick 3 meter walls keep the temperature of their cellar at 15°C (59°F) year round.

Baron Otard’s range of cognacs includes its Baron Otard VS, Baron Otard VSOP, Baron Otard XO Gold, Baron Otard Cognac Extra 1795 (a Grand Champagne Cognac) and Baron Otard Cognac Fortis et Fidelis.

Baron Otard’s headquarters are in the historic building the Chateau de Coganc in Cognac, France, located in the center of town.

Visiting Baron Otard

Baron Otard offers a single tour that lasts about an hour. The guided tour includes practical information about the cognacs of Otard and a visit to the historic rooms and cellars of the Chateau de Coganc as well as the Baron Otard Museum. Tours are priced based on the cognac tasting provided at the end of the tour.

The Baron Otard Tours

The Discovery of the Château Tour includes a guided tour and tasting of Baron Otard’s VS and VSOP cognacs.

The Prestige Visit Tour includes a guided tour and tasting of Baron Otard’s VSOP and XO cognacs.

The Heart of the Château Tour includes a guided tour and tasting of Baron Otard’s VSOP, XO and Extra 1795 cognacs.

The Tribute to Baron Otard Tour includes a private tour and tasting of Baron Otard’s VSOP, XO, Extra 1795 and Fortis & Fidelis cognacs.

Baron Otard conducts tours daily (including Saturday and Sunday) from April to October and from November to March by appointment.

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