Visit Camus Workshops and Share Their Passion for Making Cognac

When visiting Cognac France there are many interesting tours.  The major Cognac houses each have distinct and interesting presentations that are not to be missed.  Camus Cognac has a truly unique offering, one we at have enjoyed and frankly is not to be missed by any true Cognac lover visiting this city.  At Camus you get to create your own Cognac using their excellent eau de vie after the tour.  And of course you are offered the opportunity to taste their Cognac as well.

As Camus puts it, “CAMUS Workshops were born out of a simple desire to share our artisan culture with all passionate Cognac fans by offering tailor-made breaks open to individuals, groups and companies.  A journey of initiation towards the creation of your very own Cognac, discovering the secrets of our expertise along the way, CAMUS workshops are a reflection of the values of conviviality and sharing which are our daily companions.”

Camus WorkshopTour details, pricing, and reservation information are available on Camus website here: was given the opportunity to blend our own Cognac from Camus eau de vie.  Here are some photos from our wonderful experience….We were actually allowed to blend and entire bottle of their beautiful Cognac.

Camus Blending Workshop

Camus Blending Gwilym and Steve

Camus Blending Finished Bottle



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