Take a Ride On the Charente in a Flat Bottomed Boat

For centuries, flat bottom cargo boats (gabarres) navigated the Charente transporting salt from the Île de Ré and oaken barrels of Cognac and eaux-de-vie from Cognac. Gabarres were the ideal vessel for moving products in and out of the Charente region. Cognac warehouses were located on the banks of the Charente so that they could load their cargo on to gabarres for transport to the Atlantic Ocean harbor for international export.

La Dame Jeanne – A Modern Garbare Replica

The garbarres no longer adorn the riverscape of the Charente as other modern forms of transporting Coganc and other cargo have emerged. La Dame Jeanne is a newly built replica of the garbarres that once transported product cargo. La Dame Jeanne now transports tourists looking to explore the Charente and enjoy a picnic lunch or gourmet meal aboard.

La Dame Jeanne tours run from April to October and last nearly two hours. From mid July to the end of August there are special children’s tours on La Dame Jeanne each Wednesday where kids learn the art of sailing. Each Friday from mid July to the end of August, an evening gourmet cruise sails.

For more information on La Dame Jeanne tours see: http://tourism-cognac.com/en/decouvrir/la-gabare-la-dame-jeanne/


Quai de la Salle Verte
16100 Cognac
Tél : 05 45 82 10 71

Update: In December 2016, La Dame Jeanne was damaged while docked and began to sink. Be sure to call ahead to determine the status of tours on La Dame Jeanne.

Update as of March 15, 2017, La Dame Jeanne is not expected to sail this summer.

The St Jacques Towers Cognac
La gabare la Dame Jeanne
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