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We want your Cognac Review!

Have you recently enjoyed a particular Cognac and want to tell everyone about it? Use the form below to submit your detailed review of a particular cognac, and we’ll consider it to for posting on our blog!*

Helpful Hint:  Make sure to include the following information to improve the quality of your review:

  • The Cognac’s brand, variety, age, and anything else to distinguish the bottle you’re reviewing
    (i.e. Remy Martin Excellence XO Cognac)
  • A star rating of 1 – 5.  A rating of 1 star = you strongly dislike, 5 stars = can’t be topped!
  • A link to a photo on the web of the bottle you are reviewing. We will only post photos by you or from the brand’s official website. Photos from any other website will not be accepted.
    (i.e.  OR
  • Descriptive notes and flavor profiles such as style, bouquet, texture, color, strength, comparisons, etc.
    (i.e. Fiery mahogany in color, fruity notes of plum, fig, and orange, floral notes of iris and jasmine, and cinnamon oaky notes with a velvety texture and a rich, lingering finish.)
  • Any back story or information that makes this bottle unique for you
    (i.e. Inherited the bottle from my grandfather OR was received as a gift for my 35 year anniversary.)
  • Video review submissions are also accepted!
    (Send us a link to your YouTube or Vimeo Video Review.)
  • Your name as you want to be credited on our site

*Please Note that WE WILL NOT PUBLISH: Strong/inappropriate language or links to other websites.  Any reviews submitted that contain any of those things will either have the offending content edited out of the review or will simply be rejected entirely. We reserve the right to reject any reviews that do not meet our standards.

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