Rivente Cognac Launches

Rivente bottle

Last week the Cognac World welcomed a new member to its community. Rivente Cognac, an American-based company, announced that it had launched three new cognacs, Rivente VSOP, Rivente XO and Rivente Napoleon.

Rivente builds off a partnership with the Raclie family with a 100 year history of cognac making and whose century old traditional Charentais copper still is still in operation. Rivente describes its cognacs as being blended with the mixologist in mind. Rivente cognacs are crafted to serve as the basis of many of today’s popular cognac cocktails like the Toddy, Cognac Manhattan, or Cognac Cuba Libre. The company also recommends that, while its cognacs blend well in cocktails, they can also be enjoyed neat.

Algen Albritten, the founder of Rivente, said in connection with the launch of Rivente “It’s our devotion to move with the times while creating a perfect homage to a tradition that sets us apart. Mixologists want the freedom to use a high-quality cognac that will pair well when they mix cocktails. That said, we’re not reinventing the wheel here, we’re just giving the ‘wheel’ more options. All this thanks to our partners – an independent family-run house that has been making cognac for almost 100 years.”

Rivente bottle and graphic

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