Rémy Martin’s Eau-de-Vie

remy martin v

Rémy Martin V

Rémy Martin sells an Eau-de-Vie (literally translated from French to mean ‘water of life’) which is distilled white wine. Various Eaux-de-Vie are mixed by Cognac’s Master blenders and aged in oak casks producing Cognac.

Rémy Martin’s V Eau-de-Vie offers the curious Cognac aficionado an opportunity to taste Eau-de-Vie before it under goes its transformation into Cognac.

Introduced in the United States in 2010, Rémy Martin V describes V as “the premiere Eau-de-Vie”. Rémy V is made from grapes found in Rémy Martin’s vineyards in the Cognac region. The grapes are fermented into a white wine containing around 8% of alcohol. The Eau-de-Vie is doubled distilled in copper pots then cold filtered (to -14F degrees!) and bottled. It is not aged in oak casks (or at all), so Rémy Martin V is clear like vodka or gin.

Rémy Martin recommends that V be drunk on ice or used as a mixer in cocktails. Rémy Martin has pulled together suggested cocktails crafted especially for Remy Martin V.

Rémy Martin V, even though not aged, is priced about the same as a VSOP Cognac from one of the big four Cognac houses.

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