The Rémy Martin Mint Condition – Sidecar Variation

The Sidecar is perhaps the most popular Cognac drink. The Sidecar is a tasteful mix of Cognac, triple sec and lemon juice. The International Bartenders Association’s (IBA) Sidecar recipe calls for a five to two ratio of Cognac to triple sec and lemon juice. For many Sidecar recipes, the triple-sec used is Rémy Martin’s Cointreau.

Hennessy’s Sidecar recipe, however, substitutes triple sec for Grand Marnier.

Introducing the Mint Condition from Rémy Martin

The Mint Condition is one of Rémy Martin’s signature Sidecar cocktails that they are promoting for National Cognac Day on June 4. The Mint Condition is unique in that it suggests Rémy Martin’s 1738 Accord Royal be used as the mixing cognac. Accord Royal is a top rated Fine Champagne Cognac more often associated with sipping than mixing.

The Mint Condition is also unique in that it adds fresh mint and a couple of dashes of Angostura bitters (an ingredient used in the Vieux Carré cocktail, but not generally used in mixing Sidecars)

How to make a Mint Condition by Rémy Martin

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