Rémy Martin Gears Up For National Cognac Day

National Cognac Day – June 4

National Cognac Day is Sunday June 4. Rémy Martin has been gearing up for National Cognac Day for nearly a month. For the past few weeks, Rémy Martin has been promoting National Cognac Day on twitter.

From June 1


From May 10

The Rémy Sidecars Takes to the Streets of Chicago

In early May, Rémy Martin launched a fleet of Rémy Martin branded motorcycles with sidecars through the streets of Chicago to celebrate National Cognac Day. The Rémy Martin sidecar fleet was a nod to the origins of the iconic cognac cocktail, the Sidecar.

In conjunction with the Rémy Martin side cars hitting the streets of Chicago, the company held a “take a Remy Sidecar selfie” for a chance to win a trip to France contest.

Click here and here to see some of the contestant sidecar riders.

Mixing a Sidecar

The Sidecar Cocktail can be created exclusively with spirits from Rémy Martin’s parent company Rémy Cointreau. To make a Royal Sidecar: 1 oz 1738 Royal Accord Cognac, .5 oz lemon juice and 1 oz Cointreau.

Rémy Martin has also been promoting Sidecar variations like the Mint Condition and the Sidekick (made with cayenne pepper and pomegranate juice).

For more on National Cognac Day visit Rémy Martin’s page created for this special day.

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