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Meukow V.S. Cognac
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Meukow 90 & Meukow VS

Most cognacs have 40% alcohol content (80 proof). In recent years, some cognac houses have been experimenting with producing cognacs with higher alcohol contents. Louis Royer produces a cognac that is 53% alcohol (106 proof), Louis Royer’s Force 53, a VSOP Fine Champagne cognac. Louis Royer suggests that this cognac be drunk over ice in a wide glass.

Comparing Meukow VS (40% alcohol/80 proof) and Meukow 90 (45% alcohol/90 proof)

The House of Meukow also produces a higher proof cognac, Meukow 90 that is 45% alcohol (90 proof). Meukow suggests that Meukow 90 is “Ideal as a cocktail base or for a simple tasting.”

We compared the Meukow 90 to the Meukow VS.


Meukow VS is priced competitively with Martell and Courvoisier VS cognacs.
Meukow 90 is priced about 15% higher than Meukow VS.

The Bottle/Label

Both Meukow 90 and VS come in attractive bottles with an embossed panther wrapping itself around the bottle. (see below)
Meukow 90 comes in a black bottle with a translucent panther.
Meukow VS comes in a clear bottle with a black panther.

The Color

Meukow 90 is amber/copper colored.
Meukow VS is amber/copper colored but decidedly darker than the Meukow 90.

The Nose (Nez)

Meukow 90 has a dominant orange/citrus scent, almost like Cointreau.
Meukow VS has an apricot nose with hints of leather.

Mouth (En Bouche)

Meukow 90 has licorice notes and tastes young and less aged than the VS and closer to eaux-de-vie than an aged cognac.
Meukow VS has honey and vanilla tones with hints of licorice, orange and wood.



Meukow VS is a more complex cognac, perhaps better for sipping than the Meukow 90 which appears more suited to mixing.

Meukow 90

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