Maison Rouge V.S.O.P. Review

Maison Rouge VSOP

Maison Rouge is a line of cognacs from the House of Hardy. Hardy does not use its rooster logo to market Maison Rouge cognacs. Rather, it uses red packaging and a depiction of a farmhouse on the edge of a vineyard. Introducing a new line of VS and VSOP cognacs makes sense for Hardy as its current roster of cognacs numbers over a dozen and adding two more might have created internal brand confusion or dilution.

The Review

We tasted Maison Rouge V.S.O.P. neat in a cognac snifter. Here are our notes.


Maison Rouge V.S.O.P. is priced lower than Hardy’s own VS offering and lower than any of the big four VS offerings.

Alcohol: 40% (80 proof)

Age: aged at least four years in french oak barrels.

The Bottle/Label

Maison Rouge comes is a standard wine style bottle with a red label with white lettering. (see above)

The Color

Amber orange mahogany

The Nose (Nez)

Blueberry jam, baked bread and grape.

Mouth (En Bouche)

Lemon, vanilla, mild cinnamon, rose and oak.


Candied apple, vanilla, anise and nutmeg.


Maison Rouge VSOP is a curious and engaging mixture of fruit and spice. This cognac while suitable for sipping, its citrus spice characteristics make it an ideal companion for the Sazerac and Sidecar cognac cocktails.


85-89 Points – Wine Enthusiast Magazine

142, rue Basse de Crouin
16100 Cognac – France
T. +33 (0)5 45 82 59 55

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