A Glimpse of Progress at Martell Tower

Martell is in the process of renovating Martell Tower a building in Cognac, that was once used to bottle its cognac and has been in disuse since 2005. When renovations are complete, the Martell Tower, built in 1929, will feature craftsmen of the Cognac area that helped shape the Cognac industry including glassmakers, ceramists, designers, cabinet makers as well as other artists and musicians work.

This week, while the work was progressing on Martell Tower, the Cognac City of Art and History Department organized a sneak peak of the work being done at Martell Tower. A select group of thirty people pair off in groups of fifteen were given a guided tour of the building.

Sudoest published a stunning photo-journalist piece with photographs by Quentin Petit Kent, that shows the views from the top of Martell Tower and the complete and incomplete work inside the tower. Sudoest shows pictures of the inside of the tower and explains the former functions of the rooms shown. There are photos of the rooms where the stainless steel tanks and bottling supplies were once found and photos of the cold rooms where the cognac was filtered. Some of the most beautiful images are the views from the top of Martell Tower that overlooks Cognac.

The Martell shop at the Martell Tower will be opened next month as work continues on the building.

Click here to see the Sudoest photos of Martell Tower.

A Panoramic Video View From The Top of the Martell Tower by Sudoest


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