Spotlight on Frapin Cognac

Frapin Cognac

Hennessy, Rémy Martin, Martell, Courvoisier – these are names that you hear when people with passing knowledge of Cognac and even Cognac connoisseurs might mention often when discussing the amber spirit. These brands constitute the vast majority of Cognac production and sales. Their market dominance is well-deserved as each brand has a quality range of Cognacs in each aging designation Frapin Cognac may not have the same market profile as the big four, but is worth a look if you are interested in quality cognacs.

The House of Frapin

The House of Frapin is a Cognac House whose family traces its roots back to 1270 when it ancestors were wine growers. For the past twenty or so generations, the Frapin family have been distillers.

The Frapin Estate In Grand Champagne

The Frapin headquarters are at Fontpinot Castle in Segonzac, a small town in the Grande Champagne region, the finest growing cru in the Cognac region. Frapin tends a 240-hectare Ugni Blanc vineyard in Grande Champagne and produces only Grande Champagne Cognacs.

We first encountered Frapin on our 2012 visit to Cognac. The video below documents our exclusive interview with Monsieur Patrice Piveteau, Frapin Cognac Cellar Master & Deputy Director General in his blending office.  He discusses the Frapin process and provides a rare tour of the Frapin Cellars.

Frapin’s Cognacs

The Frapin Cognac that traveled at Super Sonic Speed

Frapin VIP X.O.

Frapin’s VIP X.O. has the distinguished honor of having been the only Cognac served on the Concorde Jet (1979 -2003)

Frapin VIP X.O.
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Frapin V.S.O.P.

Frapin V.S.O.P. is a Grand Champagne Cognac made exclusively of eaux- de-vie culled from the Frapin Grand Champagne estate vineyards. It is aged in French Limousin oak and has a golden orange hue. Until 2017, the Frapin V.S.O.P. came in a squat ink drop bottle. Today, Frapin V.S.O.P. comes in a taller and narrower bottle more similar to the Frapin’s VIP X.O. decanter.

Frapin takes great care in packaging its fine Cognacs. See “Frapin 1888 Cognac and Its Astonishing Crystal Decanter

Frapin VSOP
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Frapin Extra

Frapin Extra Cognac is a limited edition Grand Champagne Cognac aged between forty and fifty years. Frapin Extra Cognac is packaged in individually numbered bottles.

Frapin extra cognac
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