Cointreau and Cognac

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Cointreau is the leading brand of triple sec, an orange flavored liqueur made from sweet and bitter orange peels. While Cointreau is not a cognac, its connections with cognac run deep. For starters, Cointreau is owned by the French spirits conglomerate Rémy Contreau, an entity that also owns Cognac House Rémy Martin. More importantly, triple sec, particularly Cointreau, seems to be the perfect flavored liqueur to compliment the rich complexities of Cognac.

For nearly a century, cognac lovers have mixed Cointreau with their cognac and a dash of lemon to create the Sidecar cocktail. Indeed, the orange flavors were also deemed a perfect match for cognac back in 1880 when Grand Marnier was created by Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle by blending premium cognac with distilled bitter orange.

In 2012, Cointreau Noir, a blend of 70% Cointreau and 30% cognac from the House of Rémy Martin was developed in by Rémy Martin Cellar Master Pierrette Trichet and Cointreau’s Master Distiller Bernadette Langlais Master Distiller (1978 — 2016).

About Cointreau

The Cointreau firm was established in 1849 by Adolphe and Edouard-Jean Cointreau. The brothers first introduced their orange flavored liqueur in 1875. The original recipe remains to this day. The Cointreau firm remained a family affair until 1990 when it was merged with cognac giant Rémy Martin to form Rémy Cointreau. Approximately 13 million bottles of Cointreau are sold annually.

The History of Cointreau

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