Cognac Inches Closer to Becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The region of Cognac is world famous and known for its prestigious brandies known around the world as simply “cognac”. Cognac has been produced in the region since the 17th century and is a symbol of luxury and fine taste throughout the world.

Given the prominence of the Cognac region and its rich history of vinetculture, distillation, cellar mastering and international trade, the territory is already widely recognized as a living historical site.

Cognac Applies to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site

According to Sud owest a steering committed was established in 2012 to explore the idea of submitting Cognac’s application to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The steering committee included representatives from the Pays Charente-Maritime, the Saintonge Romanesque, the Haute-Saintonge and the Charente-Maritime regions, the National Inter-Professional Cognac Bureau (BNIC) and the Regional Tourism Committee (CRT) The Val de Saintonge. A UNESCO world heritage site designation would further recognize the rich history and current vibrancy of the Cognac region.

Les Savoir-Faire du Cognac

Nearly five years later, Cognac is still knocking on UNESCO’s door. According to, an association “Les Savoir-faire du cognac”, provided documents to UNESCO last month in consideration of Cognac’s application, including the know-how and history of Cognac.

If UNESCO World Heritage Site recognition were to be granted, it would the bestow international recognition upon generations of Cognac winegrowers, producers, cellar masters, bottlers and coopers and other who have contributed to the prestige and growth of Cognac.

Click here to see a list of other UNESCO World Heritage sites. (the Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars are designated as a WHS).

It is clearly Cognac’s turn to receive its well deserves recognition by UNESCO.

For Recognition of Cognac by UNESCO

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