Raymond Ragnaud

“In 1860 the family of Raymond Ragnaud owned a small vineyard In the Grande Champagne, the most sought-after area of the quality of its eaux-de-vie which were particularly suited for ageing, planted only with Ugni-blanc and Folle blanche grapes, the best varieties of the Charente vineyards. In 1920. Paul Ragnaud settled in the Chateau of Ambleville and was succeeded in 1941 by his son Raymond who ran the vineyard and decided to market the eaux-de-vie he had inherited. In 1963. his wife, with the help of their two children, Frangoise and Jean-Marie, expanded the business which now covers 47 hectares in 3 different vineyards – Ambleville. Criteuil and Ligniferes-Sonneville – lying on the slopes of the Grande Champagne, a unique and exceptional area which produces eaux-de-vie of unparalleled quality. These vineyards are cultivated by the Ste Ragnaud-Bricq. For the last 30 years, Frangoise Ragnaud-Bricq, has remained faithful to her roots and carried on the tradition by supervising the grape harvest with meticulousness and great experience. She works hand in hand with the cellar-master to produce eaux-de-vie by distilling only wine harvested in hers vineyards. Distilling takes place in two stages in two copper pot stills with a capacity of 16 hectolitres. The first distillation is called “Le brouillis’, with an alcohol content of 24° to 32° depending on the wine being distilled, which is then distilled a second time to produce the “bonne chauffe” where only the “coeur” (the heart) is retained, with an alcohol content of 70°, producing a crystal-clear pure eau-de-vie.”

Website: www.raymondragnaud.fr

Much of the information on this page was obtained directly from the House’s website.

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