About D’USSÉ

The cognac house of D’USSÉ is esconced in the Château du Cognac along the banks of the Charente River, not to be confused with the famous “sleeping beauty” Château d’Usse in the Loire Valley.

Like the cellar of Baron Otard, also housed in the Château du Cognac, one of D’USSÉ’s cellars is located on the Charente River. Cellars along the river have high levels of humidity. According to D’USSÉ, humid cellars tend to “produce floral notes and add smoothness and roundness”. D’USSÉ also has a dry cellar in the château that they claim brings out woody and spicy flavors in their eaux-de-vie.

D’USSÉ’s cellar master Michel Casavecchia blends aged eaux-de-vie from both of their humid and dry cellars to create unique bold cognacs. Michel Casavecchia is also the cellar master of Baron Otard. Mr. Casavecchia has been at his job for more than twenty years.

Cognacs have been produced at the Château du Cognac (now owned by Bacardi) for over 200 years.

D’USSÉ produces just two cognacs: D’USSÉ VSOP and D’USSÉ XO . D’USSÉ VSOP is aged at least four and a half years in the Château de Cognac cellars. D’USSÉ XO is a recent addition, first introduced in 2014. It is aged in French oak barrels for ten years or more and is produced in extremely limited quantities

The D’USSÉ VSOP and D’USSÉ XO bottles feature a two-barred cross of Lorraine on the front.

While D’USSÉ VSOP is ideal to drink straight, Mr. Casavecchia suggests it is also suitable as a mixer. Click here to see D’USSÉ recommended cocktails made with their VSOP cognac including their versions of the Side Car and Vieux Carré.

Rappers Delight

While super-star rapper Kayne West has a known predilection for Hennessy, fellow rap star Jay-Z not only likes D’USSÉ, but has helped promote it! (see below). Another popular rapper, Lil Wayne has a song entitled “D’USSÉ”.

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