Distillerie du Peyrat

Distillerie du Peyrat is a cognac house owned and operated by Jean-François Rault. Since 1998, Distillerie du Peyrat has been engaged in organic farming and production of organic cognacs. Cognacs crafted by Jean-François Rault have been certified organic by ECOCERT and the USDA.

The organic cognacs of Distillerie du Peyrat are made from wine from its own organic vineyards and other organic vineyards in the Cognac region. Distillerie du Peyrat’s headquarters are in Houlette near the Tourtrat River. Houlette is in the Charente Department of France about 10 miles northeast of Cognac.

Like Château du Cognac whose cellars are close to Charente River, Distillerie du Peyrat’s cellars are close to the Tourtrat River. Having cellars close to rivers ensures that the humidity level is high and provides ideal cognac aging conditions.

Distillerie du Peyrat cognacs are aged in Limosin Oak.

Distillerie du Peyrat produces a number of fine cognacs including, Organic Selection , Rare Presitge, X.O. and Grand Siècle.

distillierie du Peyrat organic

3, Impasse des Alambics
16200 Houlette

Jean-François Rault :
Mob : (+33)6 16 90 82 96
Tel : (+33)5 45 80 86 46
E-mail : dist.peyrat@wanadoo.fr
website: http://distilleriedupeyrat.com/