“FOR TRULY GREAT COGNACS IN THE PUREST EXPRESSION OF THEIR ORIGINAL TERROIR.  That declaration or fidelity and faith has been a constant feature of the Delamain family, ever since James Delamain came back from Ireland in 1759 to form a partnership with his father-in-law, Jean-Isaac Ranson, owner of a long-standing exporting firm whose origins date back to the very first beginnings of Cognac.  The historical roots of the House of Delamain still run deep to this day by the direct descendants of the founder Patrick Peyrelonque and his cousin Charles Braastad;  they run deep down into the origins of Cognac as it is today one of the oldest names of the region.

In accordance with the original nature of the old Houses of Cognac, Delamain selects and purchases its eaux-de-vie from owners and distillers in the region, with whom it has maintained ties of mutual confidence, often going back decades.   The Delamain objective is simple:  to remain faithful to its tradition and offer Cognacs of the very purest and most genuine expression.”


Much of the information on this page was obtained directly from the House’s website.

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