Courvoisier Cognac

“The origin of our history goes back to the beginning of the 19th century. Emmanuel Courvoisier and his associate, Louis Gallois, owned a wine and spirit company in the Parisian suburb of Bercy. In 1811 Napoleon visited their warehouses in Bercy.  Legend has it that Napoleon I later took several barrels of cognac with him to St Helena, a treat much appreciated by the English officers on the ship who named it “The Cognac of Napoleon.’

In 1843, the son of Emmanuel, Felix Courvoisier established the COURVOISIER® business in Jarnac in partnership with Jules Gallois.  When Felix died in 1866, his nephews and associates – the Curlier brothers – took over the management of the COURVOISIER®, business.  In 1869, Napoleon III granted COURVOISIER®, the title of “Official Supplier to the Imperial Court”. In 1909, the English Simon family took over the COURVOISIER business and started to build the brand identity. They established the Napoleon silhouette and introduced in 1950, the Josephine bottle. Since 2005 COURVOISIER® is a leading brand of Beam.”


Courvoisier House along the banks of the Charente in Jarnac.

Much of the information on this page was obtained directly from the House’s website.

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