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The House of Cognac Paris is located at the Domaine de l’échalotte in Juillac le Coq, France. Julillac le Coq is about ten miles south of the town of Cognac. The Cognac Paris family property is located in the heart of the Grande Champagne growing cru. Francois Anthoene, is managing director of Cognac Paris.

Cognac Paris domaine
Cognac Paris vineyards.

Cognac Paris crafts XO Cognacs and a Pineau des Charentes, both made from Ugni blanc grapes.

Cognac Paris Patriarch’s Reserves is 42% alcohol and aged 42 years.
Cognac Paris Excellence is aged sixty years.

Francis Hoeler, member of the union of sommeliers of France reviewed Cognac Paris Patriach (see letter below) noting:

The Color:amber/brass

Nose (Nez): initial floral scents of mimosa, soapstone, dried banana, cut hay, cherry followed by praline, milk chocolate and oak.

Mouth (En Bouche) a supple slightly aggressive alcohol attack, but not so slight as to diminish the self-confident display of violet, orange, candied mandarin, cream pastry, pineapple and passion fruit notes.

Messr. Hoeler commends Messr Anthoene for his cellar mastery and advanced gourmet taste that were employed to create this cognac.

Finish: delicate return of fruit and touch of white pepper.

Pairings: simple Meringue, Crepe Suzette, robust Bolivian/Havana cigars

Letter from Francis Hoeler, member of the union of sommeliers of France reviewing Cognac Paris Patriach Reserve.

Visiting Cognac Paris

Messr. Anthoene offers tours of the Domaine de l’échalotte and family vineyards. Tours include tastings of the Cognacs of Cognac Paris. Visitors arriving in campings cars may spend a quiet evening on the enclosed property which is under video surveillance.

To find the Maison Cognac Paris in the Hamlet of l’échalotte, you go through Segonsac, the capital of Grande Champagne, where many say Cognac was born. According to historical accounts at the end of the 16th century, the Knight of the Brown Cross had the idea to redistill “le Brouillis” and discovered Cognac. From Segonsac continue approximately four miles further in the direction of Angeac Champagne and you will arrive at “Juillac-le-Coq.


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