Cognac Moyet

From the Cognac Moyet website:  Euthrope Moyet, a wine grower and a distiller, was already forty years old in 1864 when he founded his Moyet Company in Saint Sulpice de Cognac, in the middle of the famous Borderies vineyard,  nearby the city of Cognac.  Euthrope Moyet with the help of his son in law Andre Tessier made his company very successful with a very modern and precursory dedication to building a reputation above all through the high quality of its Cognacs.  Their flair for international commerce made Cognac Moyet export worldwide. “  In time “the company lost its commercial dynamism.  But through the prudent hands of the different heirs, who cherished the family tradition, it continued till the late seventies, producing the very best quality Cognac of the market.  During all these years Cognac Moyet was in a way preserved from modernism.  “Moyet was eventually purchased in 1978 and the buyers acquired a house that “contained many treasures, the greatest and most valuable of which were not only its cellars, still full of gorgeous antique cognacs, but certainly the irreplaceable traditional craftsmanship.  Since 1864 only two cellar masters had successively have successively cared for the cognacs, the founder himself until 1918 and his apprentice and successor until the new owners in 1978.”


Much of the information on this page was obtained directly from the House’s website.

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