Baron Otard


The story of Baron Otard is one of the most interesting in Cognac and their website reveals it.  “During the French Revolution, he was arrested by the authorities and sentenced to death in 1793.   It was then that one of the most extraordinary events of his life occurred. The day before his execution, the good people of the town forced their way into the prison where he was being held and released him.   After a short exile in England, he returned to Cognac, and with the stock of eaux-de-vie that his family had built up since 1760, he produced his cognac in 1795.  When he acquired the only Royal Chateau in Cognac, which had become national property during the French Revolution, he saved it from destruction.”   The Chateau de Cognac is a must see tour in Cognac.



Much of the information on this page was obtained directly from the House’s website.


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