Chambord Royale de France, a Cognac- Based Liqueur


Chambord Royale de France is a cognac-based liqueur that is a blend of raspberry, blackberry, black currant, Madagascar vanilla and XO cognac. Chambord is just 16.5% alcohol (33 proof) and is intended to be used as a mixer. Straight, Chambord is very sweet and not very suitable to sipping. Chambord is an ideal mixing companion with a dry champagne or sparkling wine. Chambord and Champagne has a nice ring to it and makes a refreshing summer quaff. Indeed, Chambord advertises its product as a natural partner with champagne.

Chambord and Champagne

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History of Chambord

Chambord was first introduced to the market in 1982. The concept, however, of a cognac-based, berry infusion originated in the Loire Valley in late 17th Century. Legend has it that Louis XIV was served such a cocktail during a visit to the Château de Chambord.

Château de Chambord.

Is Chambord Royale de France a Coganc?

Chambord Royale de France is not a Cognac but rather, like Grand Marnier,Cointreau Noir and Domaine de Canton a Cognac-based liqueur.

In addition to its flagship Chambord Royale de France product, the company also produces Chambord Flavored Vodka, a much stronger drink than Royale de France, clocking in at 37.5% alcohol or 75 proof.

About Chambord

According to the company, Chambord is produced at the site of a “real French château” in the Chambord region of France. In 2006, the Kentucky-based Brown-Forman Corporation purchased the Chambord product brand.


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