A Cognac Milkshake?

Hollywood’s upscale cocktail bar The Powder Room has been serving “The Velvet Goldmine”, a decadent chocolate and vanilla milkshake cocktail. The Velvet Goldmine is a blend of Amedei Porcelina chocolate, English lavender and Tahitian vanilla organic ice cream, caramelized bananas and Belgian truffles.

Enter Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII Cognac to the Mix

Louis XIII Cognac Miniature
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The star of the Velvet Goldmine is one ounce of Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII cognac which is mixed with the above ingredients along with Bacardi Reserve Limitada rum, 15-year Drambuie whiskey and 15-year-old Speyside malt whiskeys. The concoction is topped with edible 23K gold leaf.

A lot of work goes into creating the Velvet Goldmine. According to CNBC, it can take up to forty minutes for the Powder Room bartender to prepare one.

Check out this boozy $500 dollar milkshake from CNBC.

To see more photos of the Velvet Goldmine and its preparation click here.

Louis XIII Cognac
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