12 Month Cognac Sales Hit Another Record

Cognac Sales From August 1 2018 Through July 2019 Reach 211.1 Million Bottles

The Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC) announced that after Cognac sales rose to record levels during calendar year 2018, sales of Cognac extended their record page from August 1 2018 through July 31 2019. Cognac sales were up 2.5% in volume terms and 6.9% in value during that time period.

Approximately 211.1 million bottles of cognac, valued at 3.4 billion Euros, were sold from August 1 2018 through July 31, 2019.

Consistent with prior 12 month and annual sales reports, ninety-eight percent of cognac sales were exports.

During the calendar year of 2016, the BNIC reported sales of approximately 179.1 million bottles of cognac, approximately 200.8 million bottles in 2017 and 204.2 million bottles in 2018

U.S. sales during 2018 were 87.4 million bottles or approximately 43% of total cognac sales.

Source: Le Bureau National Interprofessone du Cognac

Here are the BNIC sales numbers for the 12 month period from August 1 , 2018 through July 31, 2019:

Cognac Sales by Geography

  • 2016 North America – 97.7 million bottles (46% of all shipments)
  • 94.3 million bottles of Cognac were sold in the United States.

  • 2016 Far East – 60.0 million bottles (28% of all shipments)
  • 2016 Europe – 39.4 million bottles
  • 2016 Rest of World – 7.0 million bottles

Cognac Sales By Type during 2018

  • Very Special (VS). Cognac rated VS was approximately 51% of all cognac shipments.
  • Very Superior Old Pale (VSOP). Cognac rated VSOP was approximately 38% of all cognac shipments.
  • 2016 Extra Old (XO). Cognac rated XO was approximately 11% of all cognac shipments.

Cognac sales numbers: BNIC

About the BNIC: It is a trade association, founded in 1946 representing growers, producers, and merchants from the Cognac Appellation region. To learn more visit http://www.cognac.fr/cognac/

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